Talk to Our Pharmacist

With Medplex any client can use our Talk to Our Pharmacist service. Our team is dedicated experts in providing the best pharmaceutical care. And, we daily answer various questions related to the treatment of ailments, drug instructions, and help to guide people when choosing the best medication for their condition. However, please note, we do always insist that a previous consultation with a doctor is a must. And, all the information obtained from our pharmacist is solely for acknowledgment, so we will again require you to inform your health provider about such events.

Please check the next FAQs related to this service.



Medplex Experts are available for Canadians every day from 8 am to 5 pm.



To talk with our expert, call 808080 or fill in the application form for online consultation. In the first case, you will be connected with a navigator. It will help to identify the matter you want to discuss and then will redirect you to the matching your criteria specialist. When choosing online chat, please wait for the admin’s answer, and you will be redirected to one of our free pharmacists.



They provide information on the side effects of the selected drug, timings of experience the first results after the application, what to do if you miss the dose, storage, safety terms, precautions, and other instructions.



English. However, you contact us and we will try to manage the translation options for you.



No. As of now, this option is not available.



For your convenience, we accept Skype, Google Talk, Whatsapp. Get to know other options.

For any other inquiries, please contact our team and let us arrange this service for you.